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Maldives islands, the pearl of the Indian ocean is an archipelago of 1190 coral islands comprising of 26 atolls laying scattered in the Indian ocean just north to the equator The capital Male’ is a tiny dot when viewed from above.

The Maldives Islands with its spectacular pure white sandy beaches, warm sun, crystal clear water, deep blue lagoons, colorful fishes, coral reefs, sea turtles, tropical flora, palm trees is certainly a paradise on earth.

The Maldives islands are famous for its tourism, fisheries, cottage industries. The Maldives islands are often described as the finest fishing ground on this earth. Theses islands offer a gorgeous view to the beholders eyes. Tranquil holidays, romantic honeymoons, memorable occasions can all be planned in the flawless islands of Maldives.

The islands are accessible by boat and launch and at times by local flights. Unwinding ones mind in the hospitality and lush green vegetation of the Maldives islands is a chance one should not miss. The stunningly beautiful oceans with its azure blue waters are a natural beauty of the islands of Maldives. Modern comfort in the natural charms is what the Maldives islands offers.

With the gentle hush of the sea, touch of the warm sun, white sparkling sand, chirping of the birds, whispering breeze the little gorgeous Maldives islands are inviting you to a temptation you cannot resist.

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Over water villas in Maldives - a sinful temptation

The Maldives luxury resorts are a paradise for holiday makers and honeymooners. From various accomodations to choose from, over water bungalows cannot be overlooked for the stunning view it provides.

Over water bungalows are at times referred to as ‘water villas‘. The name itself explains that the water villas are positioned over the crystal clear water. You cannot resist the abundant marine and coral life that is inviting you to have a glimpse of their magnificent playground.

These water bungalows are located close to the shore, maybe clustered together or set far apart, a short walk on the connecting wooden plank from the mainland takes you to to the bungalows. A totally fascinating experience away from the mainland as the breeze and sea create a harmonic rythem while you enjoy natures view from your over water bungalow.

Shangri-La Over Water Villa - luxury villas in maldives

Shangri-La Over Water Villa - luxury water villas in maldives have an open and airy atmosphere.

Inside these luxurious water villas, the facilities are such that you do not miss living away from the mainland and just over the sea. Most of the water villas in the Maldives are equipped with air-conditioners, TV , hot & cold desalinated water, CD/DVD player, hair dryer, mini bar, electronic safe, internet access, telephones.

Usually the over water bungalows have a private sun deck and direct access to the lagoon making you feel that your living in your own secluded private island with not a soul around.The over water bungalows are built on strong pillars so do not worry about floating away while your asleep.

While you enjoy your stay you may get a glimpse of the dolphins, manta rays and varieties of fish from your over water bungalows .You can sunbathe, swim, snorkel within the vicinity of your water villa.

Some of the best resorts in the Maldives for over water villa accommodation are:

  • Anantara Maldives
  • Baros Maldives
  • Beach House Maldives
  • Chaaya Island Dhonveli
  • Hakura Huraa
  • Halaveli Resort

Get ready to be spoilt in a truly dream like experience, and book your over water villa in the Maldives.

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Maldives Resort Islands

Mixture of sounds and silence
Alone looking at the night with admirance
Lost in a world of dreams
Dancing to the rythem as the heart screams
Innocence as an overwhelming beauty
Vague sense of duty
Essence of the flowers
Soaked in a world without hours
Reaching out to grasp the moment
Evening as its glory went
Silvery sky overlooking
Ocean bright as a pearl ring
Rising to the whispers of the night
Trusting the stars so bright
Igniting a fire within
Silence the only sound to begin
Like the waves in serene movements
Angels begin to descent
Nature bestowed with colours
Destiny reaching out in the blur
Smiling away in this eternal bliss

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Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Maldives, a haven for the newly wedded couples, a relaxing tropical paradise, an idyllic honeymoon retreat beneath a tropical sun.

The Maldives offers a refreshingly unlimited paradise for couples who have taken their vows and looking for a romantic destination to celebrate their togetherness.

The beaches and exotic sea all around the Maldives in its shining glamour is a temptation that you cannot resist.From hotels,resorts to liveaboards all offering tailor made packages for you and your loved one to experience and explore the Maldives to make your romantic holiday destination a memorable and worthy one.

Indulge in a heaven of your own, with your loved one from the minute you touch down to the heaven ‘Maldives’, with ever tempting scenaries all around you, a warm comforting stay with a lavish interior designed with traditional and modern equipments all made handy to make your stay a pleasant one, rejuvenating massages at the beach, aromatherapy baths, jacuzzi’s, lazing under the sun, traditional and world cuisine awakening your taste buds,being pampered from head to toe.

Pure indulgence, primal luxury is how this true paradise can be described for romantic honeymoon seekers.

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The Beach House at Manafaru Maldives

The Beach House at Manafaru sits at the most northerly tip of the Maldives, in the pristine, lagoon-ringed Haa Alifu Atoll, little explored by foreigners and totally un-polluted by the noise of passing speedboats. What many people don’t know is that that further north you go, the more lush and green the islands become.

So while Manafaru is fringed by those exquisite, powder-white beaches for which the Maldives are famous, it also has a jungle-filled interior ripe for exploration.

Occupying 35 acres of the island of Manafaru, the resort is a stunning paradise hideaway where luxurious selection meets wild natural beauty.

It comprises of 68 thatched Villas and Suites. Each residential domain is in its own self confined compound surrounded by luxuriant foliage guaranteeing total privacy.

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