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Maldives welcomes Alhaa Eid

Eid-ul Alhaa which falls on the 10th day on Zul Hajja signifies the completion of the pilgrimage act of the people who have gone to the Ka’aba in Mecca. Maldivians have started celebrating this festive season from today.

This day is celebrated according to the Islamic calendar which follows the lunar calendar. This is a time of celebration and feasting all over the Maldive Islands. Traditional dances and folk music form a part of the eid celebrations in the capital Male’ as well as the rest of the islands of Maldives.

It is the time for relaxing and treating oneself away from the monotonous daily life. Eid-ul Alhaa with it brings a week long holiday in the Maldives. Thus a lot of families pack their bags and get away to neighbouring islands or to their respective islands or sometimes abroad.

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