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Best Resorts in the Maldives

Maldives is home to a number of mind blowing resorts. It is very difficult to slot resorts as best, or rank them in the order of their quality, because almost every resort in Maldives offers unique experiences whether you go for 5 star resorts, or simple holiday resorts. Wherever you stay you will get a taste of a different hospitality culture.

Since Maldives has a sunny weather throughout the year, all its resorts are always open for visitors. If you are looking for the best resort in Maldives I would suggest you first take stock of your specific desires and requirements. This is because as I mentioned earlier, the wide variety of hospitality styles that is available in Maldives can easily put you into a great dilemma about where to go.

You may have to think about your requirements in terms of size, and level of services. The Sun Island which is one of the biggest and latest resorts in Maldives attracts the largest number of visitors. At Sun Island you will get to experience the most fascinating wonders of nature in the form of beautifully designed gardens with tropical flowers. You can select from a variety of lodgings including water bungalows. You can also look forward to a memorable culinary experience as the Sun Island offers the finest in local and international cuisine.

Other sought after Maldives resorts include: –

* Soneva Gili - best for those those seeking idyllic tranquillity and a barefoot luxury holiday.
* Dhoni Mighili - best for Robinson Crusoes in search of a deserted beach holidays
* Huvafensushi - for Celebs, city slickers
* Cocoa Island -  for Stressed-out CEOs, hollywood stars and fashionistas
* Conrad Maldives Rangali Island - Best for those seeking a relaxing family holiday in the Maldives
* Diva Maldives - for divers looking to enjoy the breathtaking Maldives underwater scenery.
* Baros Maldives - for beach lovers
* Taj Exotica

Among themselves these resorts in the Maldives can give almost any type of vacation that you can desire, whether it is living in a bungalow in a mostly deserted island with private butlers at your beck and call, to slick hotels that have facilities for a full range of activities.

Sky’s the limit at the best resorts in Maldives.

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Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

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Surfing Maldives

Surf trip Maldives 2006

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Maldives Song ( HANDHAA )

Handhaa ( sameeu & fasy )

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Whale Shark and many Mantas in Maldives with a personal techno music by Kym and Movie by Siegrist Kiyoko and Sean

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