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Maldives Make Desperate Plea at UN Climate Conference

Speaking in between the two biggest CO2-emitting nations - China and the United States - Maldives president Mohammed Nasheed makes desperate plea to the United Nations to make sure that the upcoming climate summit in Copenhagen will not be a failure. “We can not make Copenhagen a pact for suicide,” he told world leaders.

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Steeno Kneeboard Surfing Maldives

Steen Barnes kneeboard surfing Pasta Point at the Maldives in 1995

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Beautiful Maldives 1

The Maldives are a cluster of almost 2000 atolls and lagoons that lie in the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Sri Lanka. They form a magical blue and green mosaic of palm shaded, beach fringed islands embraced by shimmering waters. Marco Polo referred to the islands as the ?lower ofAtoll and Ari Atoll. Their white sand beaches are protected by miles of sheltered reefs that teem with fish the Indies? Some of the islands are inhabited by the native Maldivians, who live from the wealth of …

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Maldives - “Tsunami Refugees” (Part 1)

A community of 2000 people - Vilufushi; the most devastated island by the 2004 tsunami in the Rep. of Maldives. They were forced to moved out of their island and they are not allowed to return. Why? A search for the answer exposes the corruption of the Maldivian government.

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