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101 East - Maldives under Nasheed - 29 Oct 09 - Part 1

One year after Mohamed Nasheed’s historic win in the Maldives’ first presidential elections, 101 East returns to ask if he has lived up to his promises. In this edition of 101 East, we speak to President Nasheed about the key challenges he faces globally and at home.

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Maldives ministers cry for help underwater - 17 Oct 09

The Maldives cabinet has met underwater in an attempt to raise awareness that the rising waters of the Indian Ocean threaten to submerge the island chain. From the capital Mali, Al Jazeera’s Stephen Cole reports.

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Saving the sea: Maldives cabinet meets underwater! To raise awareness on the risk the Maldives face from rising sea levels and climate change, President Mohamed Nasheed chaired a cabinet meeting underwater, yes, under the sea. Seated around a table and using hand signals and slates, the cabinet endorsed an “SOS” message from the Maldives to be presented at the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen. This was a first.

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Lets Go Maldives - Introduction

Lets Go Maldives, official song and video. Tell us what you think :D Song: Gianscore - Dhoni

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Preview of Michael AW’s September in Maldives - premiere BSOUP UK 21 Oct 09

Shot in september in Maldives - the manta capital of the world; photography and editing Michael AW, video by Lisa Allison of MV Sea Queen and music by Eric Bettens - www.Eric

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