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Maldives community moved after 2004 tsunami - 24 Dec 09

For thousands of people who survived the devastating tsunami in 2004, coping with its devastating effects meant relocating to a new island in the Maldives to avoid the risk of another disaster. As part of our series five years on from the tsunami, Chan Tau Chou reports from the island of Dhuvaafaru.

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President Nasheed-”We Refuse To Be Quiet” On Climate Change

‘t negotiate with physics. He has three words for climate change deniers and those are three-five-oh. 350 parts per million is the level of carbon that we need to prevent climate change. He says the Maldives will be the first country in the world to be carbon neutral. He says if the Maldives can do it, larger countries can follow. Nasheed pushed his audience to protest and put pressure on their governments for change. Nasheed spoke to the Klima change forum in Copenhagen during the UN …

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Maldives’ ecology under threat - 14 Dec 2009

The fragile marine environment of the Indian Ocean is under serious threat from the effects of climate change. In the Maldives, some of the giants of the open seas are becoming endangered because their food supply is dying out. Stephen Cole reports from the Maldives.

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Maldives Cabinet Holds Underwater Meeting

Members of the Maldives’ Cabinet donned scuba gear and used hand signals Saturday at an underwater meeting staged to highlight the threat of global warming to the lowest-lying nation on earth. (Oct. 17)

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maldives - under water part 2/2

maldives under water. enjoy the fauna and flora under the sealevel of the maldives

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