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One hour special looking at love and weddings on the beautiful Maldives Islands. Looking at the most amazing wedding venues alongside interviews with key industry insiders, this is a programme you cant miss if youre dreaming of a destination wedding.

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Miss France contests departed from Maldives - Dhivehi News (18 Nov 2010) mnbc-1281

Miss France contests departed from Maldives - Dhivehi News (18 Nov 2010) mnbc-1281

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101 East - Maldives under Nasheed - 29 Oct 09 - Part 2

One year after Mohamed Nasheed’s historic win in the Maldives’ first presidential elections, 101 East returns to ask if he has lived up to his promises. In this edition of 101 East, we speak to President Nasheed about the key challenges he faces globally and at home.

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Maldives-Male’ Tour

See Maldives from different aspects! Grab a “Catch a glimpse of the Maldives” Series. It contains comprehensive coverage of famous spots in Male’ to Maldivian fishing. You will learn Maldivian life style and their culture. you will their cuisines,

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Honeymoon in Maldives

my honeymoon in the maldives

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