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Maldives president teaching Economic Reforms

Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed ( Anni) has explained the economic reforms proposed by the government to increase sustainability and self-sufficiency of the Maldivian economy to Dharumavantha School students. Teaching a grade 10 class of Economics students today, the President explained the features of a modern economy emphasizing the need to make the state’s revenue streams sustainable. He clarified the benefits and importance of the changes proposed to the tax regime with the introduction of goods and services tax, business profit tax and income tax for the economy.

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Maldives- Beaches of Maldives Come to Maldives and discover her sweet tropical air and Maldivian Resort and you’ll want to return to this Indian Ocean paradise again and again. Maldives beckon you with spectacular white sand beaches and blue-green sea. Coral reefs fringe and the shoreline providing exciting snorkeling and scuba diving holiday you ever dreamed. If you are in high spirits on your holidays then enjoy various water sports. Kids building sand castles, youths playing beach volleyball, some strolling on the beach and some just relaxing and reading books are regular views at Maldives beaches.

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Club Med Maldives

Welcome to my paradise. Club Med Kani, Maldives. Hope you like the pictures I’ve taken. Please feel free to comment. Thanks.

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Questions over Maldives protests

Anti-government protests were held place for the seventh day in a row in the Maldives capital of Male. The people are demonstrating because of soaring prices and claim the president is mishandling the economy. But the democratically-elected president is calling it an attempt to reinstate a dictatorship in this tropical paradise. Al Jazeera’s Steve Chao reports.

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Time To dive Hariyana One at Maldives .wmv

Hariyana One at Maldives

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