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Visit The Maldives Come to Maldives and discover her sweet tropical air and Maldivian Resort and you’ll want to return to this Indian Ocean paradise again and again. Maldives beckon you with spectacular white sand beaches and blue-green sea. Coral reefs fringe and the shoreline providing exciting snorkeling and scuba diving holiday you ever dreamed. Warm and friendly Maldivian smiles will welcome you on this paradise.

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Maldives Surf Adventure, a boat trip and surfing!

The first installment focuses on boat based surf exploration in the equatorial, turquoise wilderness of the Maldives, 400 km South of the tourist zone. A great variety of reef breaks exist, ranging in intensity from quite mellow and enjoyable shreddable walls to gnarlier hollow sucking dry pits. There is something for everyone when you surf the Maldives, and although occasionally crowded, it is possible to get away from it all and enjoy some of the warmest most pristine water you will ever experience.

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Maldives Trip 2011

My trip to the Maldives and the experiences that I had in 2011 at Kandooma, the Four Seasons and the Theises Boat

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Iran 4 Vs. Maldives 0 (Round 2 (Away Match), WCQ 2014)

Iran 4 Vs. Maldives 0 (Round 2 (Away Match), World Cup Qualifiers 2014)

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