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Angsana Velavaru Resort, Maldives

Angsana Velavaru, Maldives. 2 bedrooms Sanctuary InOcean Pool Villa.

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Landing at Male’ Maldives Airport

Sri Lankan Airline sflight landing at MAle’ Maldives over Coral Islands. Feels like you are landing in the sea

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Rainy Season in Maldives

We went to Maldives for our Honeymoon in August. We knew there was a chance that the weather could be bad but we had our hearts set on going and decided to take the chance! August is considered to be at the height of the South-West Monsoon Season. However, there are still 7 hours of sunshine most days. We experienced short and scattered rainfall a few days. The rain in the video was by far the heaviest and longest rainfall we experienced on our 12 day vacation. Overall, we felt that the weather was amazing. We were told that the sea tends to be slightly rougher and the visibility for diving is not quite as good as it is during the dry season. We did not notice violent seas but some days the visibility was on the poor side. This may be why we enjoyed our snorkeling experiences much more than the dives we did. The visibility snorkeling was incredible and the coral and sea life was so abundant. The house reef at Dusit Thani in the Baa Atoll is spectacular! We also went on several Lucky Manta Snorkel Trips with the wonderful people at the Sea Splash Dive Center at the Dusit Thani. We saw and swam with gorgeous Manta Rays on each excursion. I highly recommend Maldives to any traveler! One word of advice… Stay away from The Hilton Iru Fushi property. We had a horrible experience and had we not moved resorts we would have had a very boring and lack luster honeymoon. If you can, stay at Dusit Thani!

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Maldives Weather Report - When is the best time for holidays in the Maldives?

This video gives you an overview of the weather in the Maldives month by month, presented by - Book your Maldives holiday with our best price guarantee! When people in the Maldives feel like they’re on cloud nine, it’s not just because of the heavenly hospitality. The gorgeous weather definitely plays a big role, too. With temperatures averaging 29 degrees Celsius year-round, the Maldives are a fabulous tropical escape for every season. This short video gives you a brief overview of the Maldivian climate followed by a month by month summary. The year is divided into two main periods dry season and wet season. Running from the end of October to the end of March, dry season is driven by the northeast winter monsoon. Rainy season starts in April and goes til the end of October, brought on by the southwest summer monsoon. Over the past couple of years, the Maldives has seen a lot of change in its seasonal weather. Long periods of perfect conditions are now common throughout the year, not just in dry season. This in turn has made forecasting much more difficult. It is now practically impossible to reliably predict the weather and, realistically, forecasts don’t go much further than a couple of hours. Nevertheless, there are some projections, based on average temperatures and rainfall per month, which we would like to share with you here. January falls into the dry season, which equates sunshine combined with relatively mild humidity. Average monthly

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Soneva Gili Maldive 1080p

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor. ( Thanks to mark1wtf. Soneva Gili, Maldives, North Male Atol, luxury resort, only overwaters.

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