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Pre-Match Analysis: Afghanistan vs Maldives - SAFF Championship 2013

Pre-Match Analysis: Afghanistan vs Maldives HOST: Suraj Giri , Kantipur TV EXPERTS: Atishay Agarwal: Editor, 90 Minutes Magazine Firash M…

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FULL MATCH: Maldives vs India - Semifinal 2 - SAFF Championship 2013

Maldives 11: Imran, Abdulla,Sifan,Niyaz,Arif, Ashfaq,Fasir,Gani,Ahamed,Rasheed,Umair India11:Subrata,N.Cheetri,Mondal,Sing,Hossain,Izumi,Lenny,Fernandes,Sing…

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FULL MATCH: Bhutan vs Maldives - SAFF Championship 2013

Bhutan 2-8 Maldives, full match streaming.

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Politics in the Maldives: A do-over for democracy

In a country better known for idyllic beaches and luxury resorts than its fraught politics, voters go to the polls to elect their next president in the shado…

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Interview: Ali Ashfaq, Maldives’ striker and captain - SAFF Championship 2013

Interview with the man of the match Maldives 10 - 0 Sri Lanka, Ali Ashfaq, who scored 6 goals . Facebook: Twitter: In…

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