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President Nasheed: “Our country will not exist.” messenger, President Nasheed of the Maldives calls on over 100 heads of state at United Nations to take immediate action to reach 350 in order to protect the survival of his nation. According to the latest science, we must reduce Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere to 350 parts per million in order to safeguard the survival of island nations such as the Maldives. Developed nations are currently proposing increasing C02 to 450, 500, or 600 parts per million. In the words of President Nasheed, this would be “suicide” for his nation and its 350000 residents. But there’s a growing movement around the world calling for real climate solutions, and anchoring those solutions with a bold climate target: 350 ppm. Together, we’ll demand a fair, ambitious, and binding treaty that reaches the 350 target. Join the 350 International Day of Climate Action on October 24 and fight for the survival of all nations and peoples:

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Scotland-Maldives Partnership on Climate Change

Climate change action includes expansion go ahead for Europe’s biggest wind farm.

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101 East - Maldives under Nasheed - 29 Oct 09 - Part 2

One year after Mohamed Nasheed’s historic win in the Maldives’ first presidential elections, 101 East returns to ask if he has lived up to his promises. In this edition of 101 East, we speak to President Nasheed about the key challenges he faces globally and at home.

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President Nasheed of the Maldives Address at the Climate Vulnerable Forum

On 09 November, 2009, President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives addressed ministers and leaders from a number of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. In his speech, he invited those leaders to join him in signing a pact for the survival of their countries, instead of a “suicide pact” at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen. — Read the full speech text and sign the survival pact! More information about survival and the 350ppm target can be found at

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Creeping seas threaten tiny island chain of Maldives

In this Worldfocus signature story, we take another look at the drastic consequences of climate change. The Maldives, an island chain off the southwest coast of India, find themselves being consumed by rising sea levels. For a look at how the Maldives are trying to deal with the problem, Worldfocus producer Megan Thompson traveled there recently.

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