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READ: Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy all my Maldives Vlogs, that I filmed daily during my vacation from December 21st-31st. I had an amazing time there, and I wanted to share my experience with all of you :) All the links to all the other Maldives videos i did will be posted here soon, when all my vlogs will be uploaded ;) ♥Subscribe to be notified of new videos and to support my channel ♥Comment, ask questions, and let me know what kind of things you would like to me film in my future vlogs, advice is always appreciated :) ♥Tweet me @elenaa1989

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Tokio Hotel Holidays ! Maldives !

Tokio Hotel Holidays 2007/2008

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Bill & Tom Kaulitz (Tokio Hotel) - 2010 Vacation in Maldives Beach! (Pics)

Kaulitz Twins 2010 Vacation in Maldives Beach! (Pics)!!!. [January 2010]

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NEW - More Bill & Tom Kaulitz Maldives Vacation Pictures (2010)

Tokio Hotel im urlaub. Newly released pictures of Bill & Tom on holiday vacation taken by a professional photographer who sold the pictures to Bild. Bill Kaulitz with no make up, smoking and drinking. vacaciones vacanza otnyck 假期

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Bill and Tom Kaulitz Maldives 2010

Bill and Tom Kaulitz on holidays at the Maldives 2010 ( sorry I had to change the audio XD ) two times!! so… this song is snoop dog but i dont know the name

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