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Anantara Dhigu Resort Maldives HD.mp4

Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa Maldives HD, Highlights Dreaming of Maldives is an independent Production. Shot by Sakis Papadopoulos Editing by Rozenn Le Bihan Music: Gio - Fading Memories © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED EMBEDDING RESTRICTION : By embedding this Video you accept to provide a link to : Join us at Facebook Original video in HD Resolution 1.920 x 1.080, for more Information please email me.

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♥ Maldives Vlog 2 ♥ WILD LIFE & Underwater World

READ: Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy all my Maldives Vlogs, that I filmed daily during my vacation from December 21st-31st. I had an amazing time there, and I wanted to share my experience with all of you :) All the links to all the other Maldives videos i did will be posted here soon, when all my vlogs will be uploaded ;) ♥Subscribe to be notified of new videos and to support my channel ♥Comment, ask questions, and let me know what kind of things you would like to me film in my future vlogs, advice is always appreciated :) ♥Tweet me @elenaa1989

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Conrad Maldives Rangali Island - Part Two - TravelStore

TravelStore presents the epitome of tropical paradise. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort (part of the Hilton Worldwide Resorts) resides in a spectacular location on the Indian Ocean. Offering the ultimate in romance and barefoot luxury, this is one of the world’s most luxurious getaways. This resort is also home to the world’s only all glass undersea restaurant, for an unparalleled dining experience. Contact an expert today at 888-761-7447 or online at and let us plan your dream vacation.

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Welcome to the Maldives - Introduction, Videos & pictures

All were shot with an iPhone 3Gs. August 2009 Awesome place to visit.

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Tropical Storm in the Maldives!

While on holiday in the Maldives, I experienced the best tropical storm I have ever seen. So I made this video of it! Do not be put off of going to the Maldives by watching this video! I was there 19 days and only had 2 major storms which were like this. But there actually great fun to witness. Theres a pretty good lightening flash at 2:20. Also notice during the long bit of video in the middle notice how bright it is a 20secs, then at 6:30, how dark it had become! It was amazing! There was some pretty awesome rumbles of thunder but, they cant be heard very well because of the wind and rain. Date: Sunday 11th April 2010 Time: 17:00 on-wards. Island name: Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo

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