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Epic Holiday’s in the Maldives!

Epic PC Cases is back and we just got home from my Mother’s wedding at Diva Resort in the Maldives. The place we went to is officially called Lux Maldives but is situated on the south island atoll on Diva Island. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and we were able to dive with whale sharks, turtles, moray eels and plenty of clown fish (if you’re a finding nemo fan). It was a holiday to remember and Jess and myself were able to gain our diving licence whilst we were there and the best thing is that its PADI approved which means we can dive open water up to 12m anywhere in the world. The food and alcohol was all inclusive and needless to say, we had continuous hangovers (we just don’t learn :p). Was great fun and I highly recommend it as a holiday destination to anyone interested! Song: , The Streatham Hill Gods

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World Class - Maldives

Maldives - Kanuhura Island

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Wave of Change - Maldives

March 2005 The Maldives have always faced two main problems — the threat of global warming and government by dictatorship. Bizarrely, the Tsunami appears to have had a positive impact on both. “The tide is now three to four times higher than it was 100 years ago,” states scientist Dr Ali. The government attempted to deal with this threat by building a artificial island high above sea level. When the Tsunami struck, it used this opportunity to permanently re-house residents on the nine lowest lying islands. Unexpectedly, the President also released political prisoners and promised multi-party democracy. Critics claim this is just a cynical ploy to attract more aid. But released prisoners believe these changes will be permanent. “I don’t see that things can be reversed. We’ve past the point of no return.” Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

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Maldives Islands - Six Senses Laamu - Canon 5D Mark II My friend Stephen Anderson wrote the score specifically for this video! You can download it in the link above! You can download the song off iTunes from the video in the link below! Make sure to check out his website in the link below! Produced by Noah Hamilton My friend Noah Hamilton, who was one of the producers for the feature film “Soul Surfer” contacted me to go with him, his sister Bethany Hamilton, and there brother to the Maldives Islands. You can check out Bethany’s facebook fanpage in the link below. She is AWESOME! https The Maldives are a chain of Atoll islands right below India. We stayed at several different islands while we were there, but the main one was at Six Senses Laamu. All the “resort” shots were filmed at that location. Here is a link to their website!! We had an awesome experience there. I filmed all the other shots of the locals on one of the nearby islands. The people were awesome wherever we went, some of the nicest people I have ever met! In a couple weeks I will be releasing a youtube video on Bethany Hamiton (Soul Surfer), that we shot in the Maldives islands. When Bethany was younger she was attacked by a shark, loosing one of her arms, but she stayed persistent with her passion for surfing, and she is a professional surfer even to this day. The youtube video I filmed while I was down there will showcase that. That will be released the end of January. Film was made by Devin Graham

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♥ Maldives Vlog 2 ♥ WILD LIFE & Underwater World

READ: Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoy all my Maldives Vlogs, that I filmed daily during my vacation from December 21st-31st. I had an amazing time there, and I wanted to share my experience with all of you :) All the links to all the other Maldives videos i did will be posted here soon, when all my vlogs will be uploaded ;) ♥Subscribe to be notified of new videos and to support my channel ♥Comment, ask questions, and let me know what kind of things you would like to me film in my future vlogs, advice is always appreciated :) ♥Tweet me @elenaa1989

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