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Maldives president blocked from opening parliament To see more go to Follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( Military coups and violent protests are not what you’d associate with the Maldives. However, on this island paradise a lethal cocktail of wealthy businessmen, Islamic hardliners and corruption lie behind the coup. The country’s first democratically elected President, Mohamed Nasheed, says he was forced to resign at gunpoint in a coup backed by Islamic hardliners. They were backed up by brutal former president Gayoom. Unfortunately for Nasheed, as he tries to call for a return to democracy, his opponents have wealth behind them. “Four resort owners funded the coup.” International concern is growing over the future security and democracy of the islands, so what does it all mean for the Maldives? A Film By SBS Distributed By Journeyman Pictures March 2012

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Maldives president teaching Economic Reforms

Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed ( Anni) has explained the economic reforms proposed by the government to increase sustainability and self-sufficiency of the Maldivian economy to Dharumavantha School students. Teaching a grade 10 class of Economics students today, the President explained the features of a modern economy emphasizing the need to make the state’s revenue streams sustainable. He clarified the benefits and importance of the changes proposed to the tax regime with the introduction of goods and services tax, business profit tax and income tax for the economy.

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President Nasheed-”We Refuse To Be Quiet” On Climate Change

‘t negotiate with physics. He has three words for climate change deniers and those are three-five-oh. 350 parts per million is the level of carbon that we need to prevent climate change. He says the Maldives will be the first country in the world to be carbon neutral. He says if the Maldives can do it, larger countries can follow. Nasheed pushed his audience to protest and put pressure on their governments for change. Nasheed spoke to the Klima change forum in Copenhagen during the UN …

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Saving the sea: Maldives cabinet meets underwater! To raise awareness on the risk the Maldives face from rising sea levels and climate change, President Mohamed Nasheed chaired a cabinet meeting underwater, yes, under the sea. Seated around a table and using hand signals and slates, the cabinet endorsed an “SOS” message from the Maldives to be presented at the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen. This was a first.

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People & Power Special: Maldives Rising - 08 Aug 07 - Part 2

Reporter Juliana Ruhfus travels to the tourist paradise of the Maldives to assess the pace of democratic reform. She encounters a rise in religious parties, a drug epidemic, meets President Gayoom and finds a people who are impatient for change.

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