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Maldives Surf Trip Outer Atolls 2011

An amazing surf trip to the outer atolls s in the Maldives in early April 2011. A remote place with plenty of marine life and good waves.

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Maldives - A Video Diary

A video diary entry from Billabong model/surfer & singer/songwriter Catherine Clark.

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Maldives Surf Adventure, a boat trip and surfing!

The first installment focuses on boat based surf exploration in the equatorial, turquoise wilderness of the Maldives, 400 km South of the tourist zone. A great variety of reef breaks exist, ranging in intensity from quite mellow and enjoyable shreddable walls to gnarlier hollow sucking dry pits. There is something for everyone when you surf the Maldives, and although occasionally crowded, it is possible to get away from it all and enjoy some of the warmest most pristine water you will ever experience.

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Sultans / Honky’s Break, Maldives

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Big Waves in Maldives. Towing Surfing (May 2010)

Towing Surfing in Maldives, shot during the biggest swell in May 2010. Waves sized in excess of 3-4 meters, created unique conditions both Surfers and Jet-Ski Riders.

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