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Maldives Surf Trip Outer Atolls 2011

An amazing surf trip to the outer atolls s in the Maldives in early April 2011. A remote place with plenty of marine life and good waves.

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Here is a little teaser of the Billabong Girls Surf Capsule trip to the Maldives. Song: Brand New Start by Concrete Knives

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Maldives - A Video Diary

A video diary entry from Billabong model/surfer & singer/songwriter Catherine Clark.

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Sultans / Honky’s Break, Maldives

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Big Waves in Maldives. Towing Surfing (May 2010)

Towing Surfing in Maldives, shot during the biggest swell in May 2010. Waves sized in excess of 3-4 meters, created unique conditions both Surfers and Jet-Ski Riders.

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