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Surfing in Maldives

Surfing Maldives in the clear, warm waters,  a veritable source of enjoyment for novices and professional surfers alike. A popular diving destination for years, Maldives has started attracting surfers from all around the world.

Two major surfing areas in the Maldives are the North Male Atoll and the Outer Atoll.

The South Male Atoll also has some amazing surfing sites. Surfers are greeted with breaks offering a combination of rights and lefts. An average of 3 feet to 8 feet, some long point breaks and some hollow reefs are the main features of these breaks.

Maldives Surfing Season

The weather has a great influence on determining the best time for surfing.

  •  There are two monsoon seasons, the North-East Monsoon and the South-West Monsoon.
  • The North-East monsoon is from December to April and during this time, strong winds blow in the N-NE-E direction.
  • During North-East monsoons, the weather is good and it is a good time for tourists.
  • From May to October, the South-West monsoons prevail with strong winds blowing in the SW-W-WN direction.
  • The weather from May to October is ideal for surfers.

Surfing Tips

  • Booties are essential as dead corals nearer to the shore are very sharp..
  • Surfing conditions are determined by tides and strong currents.
  • Most common surfing conditions are two to four feet.
  • During South-West monsoons, it is easier to surf as currents flow outwards at the eastern reef of the atolls.
  • A good swell of five to eight feet is about 75% to 85% likely in a two-week stay. Ten feet waves occur on average twice or thrice a year.
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